Welcome to Balibybike!

At Balibybike, we are a team of adventure enthusiasts committed to helping you explore the charms of Bali without hindrances and traffic congestion. We understand that every journey is a unique story, and we are determined to make your Bali story one that’s unforgettable.

What We Offer:

  1. Unlimited Freedom: We provide you the opportunity to experience true freedom during your Bali vacation. With motorbikes, you can avoid traffic jams and enjoy high mobility that allows you to explore more places in a shorter time.
  2. Total Flexibility: Every journey with us is unique. We understand that every traveler has different preferences. As a result, we offer fully customizable tour packages. You have control over the route, places you want to visit, and activities you want to engage in.
  3. Knowledgeable Guides: Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable guides about Bali. They will be your well-informed travel companions, providing local insights and assisting you in exploring your chosen destinations.
  4. A Deeper Experience: With Balibybike, you’ll experience Bali from a different perspective. Riding a motorbike allows you to feel the cool Bali breeze and stop at places that may not be reachable by other vehicles.
  5. Unique Holidays: We believe that every holiday should be a unique experience. With customizable tour packages, you can design your trip according to your desires, whether you’re seeking adventure, culture, or natural beauty.

We Are Bali Enthusiasts:

We are people who love Bali and want to share the wonders of this island with you. Bali has so much to offer, from natural beauty to rich culture, and we want you to experience it all in the most free and personal way.

Welcome to Balibybike:

So, if you’re looking for a way to explore Bali without limitations and without getting stuck in traffic jams, Balibybike is the answer. Enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience with Balibybike, and let’s create beautiful stories in Bali together. Have an unforgettable holiday!”


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